Coca Cola Collectibles - Coke Collectibles

The Coca-Cola Brand has become an iconic figure in our culture.The Coca Cola name has been around since 1886.The Coke brand has grown since its first sale in Atlanta, GA.While first synonymous with local soda fountains. It is now in over 200 countries around the world.

With Coca-Cola being such an iconic brand, it was bound to spawn many collectible items. From the famous coke bottles to vintage coke signs, there is a huge market for great Coca-Cola collectibles.

Here you can find the collectibles you need. Find an array of classic Coke bottles and great vintage ads and signs. Also Coke trays remain a popular collector's item.

In the early 1900`s Coca Cola was increasingly in popularity not only with the consumers but also with other businesses who blatantly copied this distinctive drink.This mounting competition and concerns about the Coke reputation being damaged by inferior imitators was part of the driving force behind the introduction of the distinctive hobble skirt coke bottle in 1916

With its elegant lines the easy to hold bottle was more visually appealing than the typical boxy rectangular shaped bottles being used at the time.When the Root Glass Company of Indiana designed this distinctive bottle they couldn't have known their creation would one day become a well recognized symbol and a valued collectible.The bottle shape was so unique that it was eventually patented in 1977.

One of the things that made the Coca Cola Company the legendary company that it has evolved into is the company`s ability to give people what they want.In response to the demand for more choices, Coca Cola introduced 10, 12 and 26 ounce bottles in 1955.Today collectors looking for to complete their bottle collections seek out this famous design in all of its various forms.